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Journal last updated 04.20.05

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IGN Babeology

::Sick of looking at pictures of me? Head over to http://stars.ign.com to watch me photograph, dress up, and flirt with the hottest women in the world! My very own photography feature! Updated weekly! Lucky me (and you)!

:: Are you on Tumblr? Visit my blog and follow me by clicking on the button above!

:: DOWNLOAD CHERIE TO YOUR IPOD VIDEO!!! I've recently made my video section iPod friendly! Download my videos to your iTunes and then upload them onto your iPod Videos to take me with you when you're on the go! Members, click here to check them out!

:: Check out my MySpace page at MySpace.com! I post bulletin updates, blogs, new photos, meaningless drivel, and it's all for FREE... Just what you need! Add me as a friend!

:: The next chat is not yet scheduled, please check back! Thanks to everyone who made it out to my last chat! Don't miss the next one!

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:: I decided to post my latest photoset, titled 'Summer Lather' to ward away all of this bad weather. What better way to kick off the new year than to post pictures of me lathering up for a nice day of nude sunbathing at the beach... . Check it out here!

:: I've updated my Galleries section with candid photos from my journal. They are all organized by journal entry dates, so it should be much easier for you to navigate through the pics without having to read past the meaningless ramblings of my journal! Check it out here!

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Feline Fantasies' is my newest set that I've shot. It features yours truly, with a certain mystery woman. That's the first time I've ever done that... And to top it off, it has a bit of a fetish-y feel... Check it out here!

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Turquoise Booth' was shot, erm, in a turquoise booth. I know, I'm a creative one. Check me out stripping down to just about nothing in this sexy photoset... Check it out here!

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Orlando Horizons' was shot by Hannah after the HIN show in our very own hotel suite. Of course, Hannah tackled me with her incredible brawn as usual, and got me to shoot one of my gayest photosets yet. Check it out here!

:: Sit in on a conversation between model- extraordinaire, Honey Sweet Hannah, and I, as we talk about love, our teenage years, armpits, L.A., and 'The Rabbit'... learn about how my favorite house guest and I spend our days, or more appropriately, our nights together. Read it here exclusively!

:: Check me out in the San Francisco ad campaign for Larry Flynt's run for governorship! Hey Larry, you win some, and then you lose some...

:: My latest video series, titled 'Getting To Know Cherie', is a several chapter series of me telling you the intimate details of my celibate lifestyle. Sounds boring, you say? Well, I say so, so what I say goes, you bastards! Stop trying to undermine me and check it out!

:: Have you ever wondered if girls fantasize about being with other women...? If you are male, of course you have! I've compiled a list of the few women in this world that I'd have a tryst with, to add to your visions of lesbian nirvana. Enjoy!

:: I was pleased to hear from Jon (Thanks Jon!) that I was voted into the Netscape Men's Top Ten Bikini Beauties. Woo hoo! But what about when the bikini comes off...? Do I lose my place in the rankings...?!

:: My latest video, titled 'Rick's Set', features me crawling around on a couch. Need I say more? Well, I get naked too! Even better! Check it out!

:: Thank you to everyone who helped to vote me into the finals for Maxim Magazine's Hometown Hotties competition! I got a minoscule photo published in the magazine, so now at least I can brag that I was published in Maxim! Woo hoo! Thank you!!!

:: Have you stopped in at my message boards yet? Visit them now to chat with other CherieRoberts.com visitors about your Cherie-secrets, and trade pics of me at my best (and worst!). On any particular day, you can catch me, Chrissy, and sometimes even other hot chicks posting, so make sure you drop in and join in on the posting!

:: With every new layout, I like to add new features. This time around, I'm adding a family touch with Chrissy's Corner. Many of you regulars are familiar with my younger sister who has become a staple on my site. She has become so popular here that I've decided to give her a permanent section to express herself in the same way that I do. What way is that, you ask? Like only a smart ass could! There's no sibling rivalry here! I'm so proud...



You can see some of my latest photography work at EvilHearts.com

And as always, you can see my photography portfolio @ croberts.net, myawesomepictures.com and cherieroberts.deviantart.com!

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:: My very first calendar! No, it's not the first calendar I've posed for. I'm also sad to say that I'm not in it... But I am very proud to say that I shot the entire calendar myself. Well, that is, with the help from the guys over at Nerdcore. The calendar has been well-received by the public, being featured in magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Playboy, Penthouse, BPM, Electronic Gaming Monthly, etc, and has been featured on TV and blog communities. It's the first calendar of its kind, featuring naked girls playing vintage video game consoles and equipment. Pick one up at TotallyNerdcore.com

:: I've been a very busy girl lately... As some of you may know, I am now doing photography and writing assignments along with my modeling.

:: Check out my newest creation myawesomepictures.com! This site is a photo journal of all of my latest work that I've shot. As a member of CherieRoberts.com, you may view all of the full-sized images. Check out my journal, and let me know what you think by leaving comments!

:: CHECK OUT MY NEW PROMOTION!!! Help feed a starving artist! Everyone knows how hard it is to make ends meet when art is your craft, and I am no exception to the rule... So, for a limited time, I am offering a new promotion for new members. Click here to find out more!

:: MY STORE IS UP AGAIN! FINALLY! Order your products securely through PayPal for all US purchases. For international purchases or requests, please e-mail me! I've listed my brand-new posters for 2007, along with a bunch of other new items! Make sure to check out my "Misc" section! Also, I will be listing collectible lingerie items worn in previous photosets soon too!

:: Cherie, coming to a city near you!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to see me for the last 5 years on the Hot Import Nights tour... I was one of the official models on tour those years. Schedule TBA

:: ATTENTION: If you have submitted a form to my model submission, my booking or my member e-mail pages in the last year or two, the chances are the I did not receive them. I recently fixed these pages, and I apologize if I did not receive your correspondence. Please resubmit your applications if still applicable.

:: Check out my calendar and keep up to date with what I do on a daily basis...

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:: Swan aka Justine Joli, is one of my favorite all-natural models at the moment, and now she is my latest addition to the Girlfriends section. You can see her starring in all of the latest Andrew Blake films, and you can check her out here, courtesy of Suze.net

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Classic Pink' was shot a while back in San Francisco. Check me out pretending to be all cute and cuddly... I am such a great actress. Check it out here!

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:: Aria Giovanni, one of the most popular Penthouse Pets of all time, is one of my latest additions to the Girlfriends section. She's been all over the men's magazine circuit, and now you can check her out here, courtesy of Suze.net

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Loungin' In Vegas' was shot several years ago. Apparently, I've been corrupted since then. Check me out pre-defilement... Check it out here!

:: Thanks to everyone who made it out to this year's past Hot Import Nights shows! Check out event coverage in my journal!

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Bathtub Romance' (really clever, eh?), is a set that is KINDA obvious. Yep, it features me walking my dog on a cold windy day... Check out how I like to bathe with my clothes still intact!

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:: One of my latest photosets, titled 'Bedroom Eyes', was shot in a cozy bed and breakfast in San Francisco. Check out how I like to roll around in bed on my days off.

:: Download my newest wallpapers for your desktop right here! Featuring brand-spanking new photos of yours truly from my latest photoshoots! Choose your desktop resolution, and right click on the wallpaper to set as your background.

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:: Did you check me out in the October/November issue of Lowrider Euro for my second cover appearance in their magazine? Visit their site for more details!


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